Better than the courthouse!


Unmatched Speed

Search results are faster than any other land data platform.

Native PDFs

No more TIFF image files. PDFs are what you want!


HTML5 means everything looks great and works great!

Works Any Device

Search results are faster than any other land data platform.

Increase Productivity

Less time driving to courthouses means more efficient service.

Group Collaboration

Group accounts can share research with each other or their attorney.

Reliable Data

Our data plants are audited and inspected by the Texas Department of Insurance.

Save Money

Blackacre is designed to save users money. No more hotels and gas means big savings!


Comparison of features


Digital Abstract & Title was born out of necessity for efficiency. A common realization between a small group of businessmen started it all. The opinion they all shared and still do, is that their clients and communities deserved more than a “get in line” attitude, when it came to title insurance and escrow transactions. Thus, a new era in the history of the Northeastern Texas Panhandle was born!

Digital Abstract & Title began obtaining County records from the courthouses and indexing them in July of 2013. The initial plant to be licensed by the Texas Department of Insurance on February 14, 2014, was Hemphill County. Digital Abstract & Title was now able to conduct business as a licensed Title Agent! Following were Roberts, Ochiltree, Lipscomb and Hansford County licenses.

Most new ventures encounter unexpected turns, as did Digital Abstract & Title. From the inception of this “digital” idea, it was the expectation and goal of its founders, that all of Digital Abstract & Title’s records be housed in a searchable digital format. Though the plant was initially built in a very antiquated software, all was to be transferred into an incredibly impressive software upon completion. After grilling this highly impressive software, time and time again, making certain it was the top of the line; Digital Abstract & Title could see around that next bend in the road and began pursuing software developers.

Though the owners, from the beginning, had all shared the intent of 24/7 online access to their plants, they hadn’t prepared to be a software company. Nevertheless, they were not turning back; Digital Blackacre emerged.

As examiners utilized the software, Digital Blackacre evolved into an efficient platform that continues in its progression today. Already, Digital Blackacre is more than five times faster than the current market leader and runs on any device with a current internet browser.

The initial dream of that small group of prominent businessmen in a small town in the Texas Panhandle, was reached. Users anywhere in the world could easily access Digital Abstract & Title’s abstract plants without leaving the comfort of…wherever they wanted to be! What a dream! To be able to work from anywhere in the world, with 24/7 access to not 1, but 5 abstract plants, not to mention, courthouse images at the click of a mouse!





Sovereignty - Present


Sovereignty - Present


Sovereignty - Present


Sovereignty - Present



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